Jennifer Caudill Fine Art

Inspiration for many of my paintings comes from walking through the woods in my Northern Indiana home where white tail deer, red fox, and wild turkeys are a daily occurrence. 

When I am not painting, I am usually busy cleaning something muddy off of my two young boys. It's amazing how dirty boys can get in no time at all!

My husband, Jorge Penaherrera, is a native from Quito, Ecuador. Some of my pictures I have painted reflect the year I spent in there. The Mindo Jaguar picture, for example, was a composite of jungle pictures from visiting the Cloud Forest a couple hours outside of Quito. Anyone who has been to South America understands that the bus trip is only half of the's a wild place. :)

My other hobby involves horse back riding. I have a beautiful Friesian horse named Denali. After years of trying to out think my spooky horse with lead changes and calming techniques, I went to a draft breed and have never looked back. Pokey, bomb proof horses are my thing!

About Me

A relaxing evening with Denali, my Friesian horse.

My husband, Jorge and my two boys Daniel and Brendan.