Jennifer Caudill Fine Art

I have been privileged to be trusted by some great authors to help them illustrate their books and bring their characters to life. While it can be a challenging and humbling experience, it has also been very rewarding with the artistic growth it provides conceptually and pushing me to achieve new limits.

The first book I had the honor to illustrate is now for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. It is a children's novel that follows the growth of a pine tree over the years and his encounters with the animals in the forest. 

It was a change from my usual realistic technique from making a catchy book cover to making the animals whimsical and even comical at times.. Here are some illustrations below:

From the author:

PINE - Seasonal Lessons that Sprout in the Forest

Join our friends, the pine tree sprout and the tall pine tree to learn and grow in the forest with the other woodland animals. Find wonder in Christmas and all the seasons with a new perspective that’s shared as only our friends the pine trees can. Discover a new point of view that you never thought of as the forest comes to life in a powerful way. Join the little pine tree sprout as he discovers himself, how to make friends, and the hard lessons of loss balanced in the comfort found in love. Make new friends in the bunny, squirrel, and possum even as we learn from encounters with the big cat. 

We find how to value life in the forest. Witness how our friends learn new ideas then live them in order to do their best. We find new respect for our friends in the forest and values that are important. As the days draw near to Christmas and an encounter with humans, you’ll be surprised as you learn a different point of view. Sharing at Christmas in the forest is coupled with loss, forgiveness, hope, and love.

Take this journey and enjoy the innocence of our friends in this philosophical, imaginative adventure about sharing at Christmas and throughout the year.

By R. E. Polston